Friday, July 7, 2017

Hi! Long time no posts LOL

Hi everyone

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I've been slack, I know. I have had a 2 month vacation in the USA visiting friends and family, so that takes care of two months LOL.

Enough of the excuses! I've just decided I'm going to start blogging more regularly. Some of you may follow me on my YouTube channel and some may not. So I decided to add posts for every video I add to my YouTube channel "Ozegran" as well as any Ustream recordings I publish, and I will upload them to my Jenny Potter YouTube channel.

I just started uploading some older Ustream recordings on my Ozegran YouTube channel but I had a comment saying that they didn't like the fact I was interacting with viewers while recording and that she didn't like it and so wasn't going to watch any more of my YouTube videos. Oh well! You can't please everyone.

So, that got me thinking, I have two YouTube channels (only because of the Google/YouTube merger) so I am going to upload all my Ustream recordings over on my Jenny Potter YouTube channel and keep my Ozegran channel strictly for structured video recordings.

Anyway, having said all that you guys may get a whole lot of posts from me about my video uploads, but I will try to slip in a few other posts to make it not so monotonous.

Thanks for stopping by!

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