Thursday, July 20, 2017

ICAD 2017 - Day 8 - Paint Chips

Hi everyone!

Another ICAD again today. This one was just mind boggling to me! Paint chips! I originally thought I might draw some chips (like McDonald's) and paint them, but thought better of that one and decided to just chip some paint on the card.

I decided to use crackle medium on this one to help the paint chips appear, but unfortunately I think I applied the crackle medium too thick because it hardly cracked at all. I made the paint chips by pricking the paint and tearing it off the card.

You can watch the short process video on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Products used:

Black Folk coloured gesso by Derivan Matisse
Derivan Crackle Medium
Reeves "rose madder" acrylic paint
Pebeo "cerulean blue" high viscosity acrylic paint
Liquitex Basics "cadmium yellow medium hue" acrylic paint
Liquitex Basics "brilliant purple" acrylic paint
Titanium white acrylic paint by Creative PL

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