Friday, October 25, 2013

Question for you all - UPDATED

I have since heard from both the company and the consultant involved.
I have to say that the consultant did everything right, the company asked me if I wanted the workshop removed or if I wanted my name added to the marketing catalog (this was called the "Instructions Sheet" for consultants to download, however it was visible to all.
I advised the company that it looked like the consultant didn't do anything wrong and I am happy for her to host the workshop based on my ink storage unit (the consultant has made minor changes to it from my original design). My understanding is that there was miscommunication at work.
So all is okay with the world now :)
I have since dug deeper into my post on this storage unit and have realised that I okayed this lady to host a workshop on the storage unit. The lady also said that she would acknowledge my name as the designer, however I do not see anywhere on the company's catalogue that I am the designer, only that this lady "created" the unit. So I don't know what to think. Has this lady informed the company and they choose to ignore it? I have emailed the company and am awaiting a response. I will update this post if/when I receive a reply.

Question for you all - would love to know your thoughts on this please:

Remember how I DESIGNED & CREATED the Distress Ink Storage Unit back in September last year? Remember how I put it out there - instructions and all - for anyone who wanted to make it for themselves?
Was it remiss of me to not to add "please do not sell the design by way of a Scrapbooking Company class"???
Yes, I have just been informed by Kylie Powell (Shop and Crop Scrapbooking) that someone told her that they had seen this distress ink storage unit up for a class by a certain scrapbooking company and that this must have been where Jenny (me) came up with the idea) - WRONG!
The consultant for this scrapbooking company has mentioned that she got the design from my blog via Pinterest but on the scrapbooking company's web site Master Class Workshops - Beyond the Page Catalogue & that it was "created" by this consultant ? ?
Maybe she has changed the way in which she built it???
See for yourself and please let me know your thoughts on this.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tag - playing around with paper & paint

I just wanted to play around last night so I decided to make a tag and slap some paint on it and see what happens. I quite like the effect!

I uploaded a video to YouTube of the process I went through from start to finish (timelapse) and you can watch the video here.

Here are a few close-up photos of the tag which wasn't really shown on the video.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hot Glue Gun Stand

Well, I must admit I cannot believe we haven't thought of making this one before! How many times have we cursed our glue guns when they wouldn't stand where we wanted them to? How many times has the hot glue dripped on our projects? I know I've cursed mine a thousand times or more!

Until now!!!

And it is soooooo easy to make! One of my online friends, Sandy, has made it already, after watching me show how to make it on Ustream (click here) and Sandy said the hardest thing about making it was cutting out all the chipboard pieces - yes - it's that easy!

I have written a short instruction on how I made it, but it's not a comprehensive tutorial, so if you get stuck, watch the ustream recording first, then put it together! Click here for the instruction sheet, or it's over to the right of this post under the Handy Links section.

I have made a YouTube tutorial on how I made the prototype, but I ramble on, chop and change my mind, so maybe the Ustream is a better option to watch LOL. Anyway click here for the YouTube video, if you dare!

Wonder what I NEED next?