Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Amelia's Spinning Desktop Organiser

After Amelia saw my spinning Stickles Storage Unit she asked if I could make her one, so I set about making a "spinning" organiser for her desk.

I am currently editing the videos I filmed whilst making the spinner and will have a link to YouTube videos (yes, there will be multiple parts) here soon, but for now you can watch Miss Amelia's reaction upon receiving her "spinner" here.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

S T I C K L E S Spinner Storage Unit - Completed

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much to all who attended my stream recently when I made the second S T I C K L E S Spinner Storage Unit (SSSU), and a massive THANK YOU to Miss Amelia for stealing the show LOL.

My first SSSU ended up being very shabby chic, frilly and soft colours, more of a show piece than a useable piece. My second (and hopefully final) SSSU came out very plain, and as ArteDar said "a work horse" LOL. Because that's exactly what it looks like - tough and ready to be knocked around - and USED!

Anyway, the SSSU will take you quite a long time to create. It takes approximately 3 hours per unit (there are 4 in total). By the time you cut out all the chipboard (also cutting the angles of the ledges) and gluing it all together. So in total it probably took me (including embellishing the first SSSU) 18 hours. The prep time is just as time-consuming as gluing it all together!

There will be no written instructions for this storage unit, however I do have a document containing the chipboard and cardstock dimensions if you'd like to give this one a go!

Click HERE for the cutting guide.
Click HERE for the Ustream recording - Part 1
Click HERE for the Ustream recording - Part 2
Click HERE to go to my YouTube channel

Anyway, I think it came out great for my use. I like things to be practical (so don't know where the shabby chic version came from LOL) so I can use most of the items I make - this is why I make so many storage units. I love to craft but cannot stand making things just for the heck of it.

Please let me know by commenting below if you decide to make one of these. I would love to see photos and/or videos!!!

SSSU-MII - Stickles
SSSU-MII - Single side view
SSSU-MII - empty

SSSU-MI - closeup

SSSU-MI - filled with goodness

SSSU-MI - empty

Happy Crafting!

Project Life Storage Unit for Mandy

Well I thought I was done and dusted with making PL storage units, that is until Mandy asked if I would make her one that would fit into her 23"x8" space on her desk :-0!

Well it was a brain strain, that's for sure! We worked it out so that we had 7 even partitions on the front for the 3x4's and 5 (almost even) partitions on the back for the 4x6's. I had no chipboard 23" long so I decided to make it one section at a time, each time adding it to the next, until it was all put together.

Once it was all put together I decided I should check and see if it would fit in the space it would live. So I went over to Mandy's and, holding my breath, voila! Perfect fit!

Then came time to cover it - what to do!!! I decided to gesso all edges, nooks and crannies. Then to cover it with the paper Mandy wanted. I think it was KaiserCraft "Vintage Rose" paper that was chosen, so I went to work cutting and pasting a million pieces onto it (exaggeration I know LOL).

I ended up using over a roll of 1/4" Scor-tape, a quarter roll of 1/8" Scor-tape, 2/3 bottle of Helmar's 450 clear glue, I think I used 5 pieces of A3 medium weight chipboard and about 12 sheets of patterned paper to cover it. Man hours, I can't remember, but it came together in 2 days!!! I think I was just focused on getting it made and out of my craft room LOL.

This unit will hold the following:
  • 4 core kits
  • 3 mini kits
  • 4 co-ordinating 6x4 cardstock
  • 1 pack 6x4 grid
  • 2 packs 3x4 co-ordinating cardstock
  • Has enough room for 5 more packs of 3x4 grid/colour/blank cards
I'm happy with how it turned out and Mandy is now very happy with her organised desk area and can work away happily on her Project Life albums :)

Filled with goodness!


Empty - waiting to be sent to new home
In new home!

Monday, February 3, 2014

S T I C K L E S Spinner

I think I am all ready to stream making this on:

Oz time-Friday 7 February at 11am
USA EST-Thursday 6 February at 7pm
UK time-midnight Thursday 6 February/Friday 7 February

I don't have many S T I C K L E S but this unit is great for Alcohol Inks, Ink Refills and Liquid Pearls.

I have made 3 of the 4 units that make up this storage unit so that I can hope to finish it on stream. It will be recorded but I hope to see some of you that can make it join me :)

Click HERE to go to my Ustream channel.

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