Sunday, February 5, 2017

My Quest for the "normal" deli paper continues

Hello again everyone!

After my deli paper comparison video I uploaded to YouTube I had a comment posted telling me that an Australian YouTuber, Mimi Bondi, imported deli paper from the USA and sold it in her shop. So obviously I sped off over to Mimi's online store, Mixed Media Art Store, and found the deli paper but at a glance I thought it was also waxed paper. So I emailed Mimi who said that it was the deli paper the USA artists used so I thought I would buy a pack and test it out for myself.

Well, again I had to test it out alongside the other two "deli papers" I had and, well, although it wasn't as waxed as Dale's was, it still had a wax coating. Having said that, when I tested it out against the other two I was pleasantly surprised.

I have uploaded another video on the comparison to YouTube and you can watch it here:

The following are photos of the three papers I compared.

Even though I can work with these three different deli papers I am still on the hunt for the REAL deli paper LOL.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

My Quest for Deli Paper

Hi everyone!

I was lucky enough to have been gifted with some deli paper from an awesome art friend here in Australia, Kerry-Ann. Kerry-Ann obtained the deli paper from a local cafe/deli shop in her town. The deli paper is what I have seen other online art friends use with their gelli plate printing and I have been on the hunt for exactly the same deli paper ever since.

I was told by my online art buddies that Dale from The Thread Studio here in Australia sells deli paper, so I immediately went to her online store and bought some. That was on 16 December 2016. Dale processed and shipped it to me that same day, along with the tracking information.

By December 30 I still had not received the package I checked the tracking and found that it had been in Granville Sorting Facility since 19 December 2016! So I logged a support ticket with Australia Post who finally got back to me on 3 January 2017, only to be advised that they would send me an email with instructions. I received the email within the next two days, and if I hadn't read it three times I wouldn't have realised that the SENDER needed to get in contact with Australia Post!

So I ended up contacting Dale who followed it up. Another two weeks went by without any activity on the tracking number so Dale shipped me a replacement package. 45 days from when the original package was shipped I finally received it! I promptly sent it back RETURN TO SENDER as I'd already received the replacement deli paper from Dale.

Anyway I finally got the deli paper only to realise that it wasn't the same as I thought it would be. It had a wax coating on it with visible lines through it. Well, I then decided to test it out and do a comparison on the "normal" deli paper and the wax deli paper. I uploaded a video on the differences between the two and you can view it HERE.

The following are pics from the comparison.

Overall I felt that the wax paper worked okay when blended into the background but I am still on my search for "normal" deli paper.

Wish me luck!