Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art Journal - Page 29 (mini pages)

This page is made up of mini journal-type pages. Lots of bright coloured backgrounds and stamping in this one - I had fun with it!

Art Journal - Page 28 (patchwork)

I used some pieces of painted paper from a friend, Barb so I decided to create a patchwork effect on this page with the pieces.
I finished by adding a "stitch-in-the-ditch" using a white gel pen.
I really love the simplicity and the colours in this page.

Art Journal - Page 27 (Mother Nature 2011)

I started this page on a subject completely different to this - even down to different colours and it wasn't working, so I just painted over it.
I was fairly happy with the page until I added the red! Big mistake, but I left it due to the fact that it was all about the mess, turmoil and destruction which mother nature has created this year so far.

Art Journal - Page 26 (Down Under)

I'd created the background of this page a while ago, then added some pre-decoupaged graphics of some Australian animals and made quite a mess of it.
I left it alone for a while (because Paula says to move on to another page if you're stuck and come back to it - which I did. And this is the result.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art Journal - Page 25 (stencilage)

Once again I was challenged to do a bright page as I tend to use more earthy, grungy colours in my art journal. TheHappyDiane on Ustream shook her head when, after I painted a nice bright Raincoat Yellow base on the page, Diane said how nice and bright it was. I replied, saying "wait till you see what it looks like when I use the colours I had selected, and proceded to show Diane the deep burgandy and burnt umber. Diane shook her head. So, I decided to go with the bright colours and the following is what I came up with.

I also decided to use some stencils on this page, and enter it into Paula's Stencil Challenge (Journal Artista).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Art Journal - Page 24 (Pipes)

Remember the old computer game, Pipes?

Well, Mandy (my youngest daughter) challenged me once again. But this time she challenged me to use black, white and metallic colours. I cheated and added the blue.

I started on a black paper page, added some white gesso, then started stamping with paint and ink some gears, keys, barbed wire and clocks - anything metal that I could get my hands on LOL.

Then I was stuck! What to do after I'd done that - then it came to me - pipes! But how to get those darn pipes onto the pages and have them actually look like pipes LOL. I started using masking tape to ensure straight lines - failed miserably and just used freehand.

This is the result!

Art Journal - Page 23 (Aim High & Fly)

I'd played around with the background on these pages a while ago and only just decided what to do with it. So, for anyone out there that gets stuck on a page - LEAVE IT, and go back to it later - it works! LOL. I just added some old decoupage pics of birds to the background as the colours seemed to match.

Art Journal - Page 22 (To the Manor Born)

Loved creating this page! I used napkin tissue paper and adhered it using Gel Medium, painted with a cream and some greens, and stamped using the Create A Scene stamp set.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Art Journal - Page 21

Mandy challenged me to do a page with pink and blue with a couple of pictures of her daughter, my granddaughter - Miss Millie, so here's what I came up with.

You can check out the video on the making of this page at ustream by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Composition Journal Book - Pages 1 & 2

These two pages were inspired by Paula's (JournalArtista) recent stream.

Lots of stenciling, stamping, gesso, Tsukineko ink and acrylic paints.

Had so much fun creating these two pages :)