Friday, May 27, 2016

Art Journal Techniques Challenge Information

Hi everyone

As some of you already know I stream live on Ustream most Fridays at 11am AEST (that's 9pm Thursdays Eastern USA time). What resulted in a recent impromptu stream was an idea that a lot of my art buddies wanted to be involved in. The idea was an art journal techniques challenge. How would this work? I'm still trying to sort it out but will attempt to convey our ideas here.

Each week someone will stream an art journal technique, explaining all the types of products you could use, any way you can achieve that technique and how to apply it to art journalling.

We will start off with me (guinea pig) today and we will work out who will next be the 'teacher' or 'guinea pig' for the next technique and will announce it on that broadcast.

What we aim to do is make it as fun and as easy as possible for anyone to attempt that technique. That person can then upload their photos or ask questions via any of the following three options.

There is a FaceBook Group set up called 'Art Journal Techniques' for more detailed information (still working on it so please bear with me) on each technique and documentation on the technique. You can upload photos to the albums (yet to be created at this stage), ask questions, suggest new techniques or suggest we revisit old techniques. It is currently a "closed group" so you will have to request to join. Here is the link to the FaceBook Group:

Art Journal Techniques Facebook Group

I know some of you are not FaceBook users so I have set up a Flickr Group for those wanting to upload their photos. Here is the link:

Flickr Art Journal Techniques Group (this link is correct)

A lot of our art buddies use Twitter to chat and let us know what is going on in the art world so we have created a hashtag for those wanting to just tweet their photos of the technique they have tried. The twitter hashtag is:


If you would prefer to use Instagram then you will have to add each of the streamers or participants as followers of your account. Don't forget to use the hashtag #artjournaltechniques when you upload your photo of the technique to Instagram.

My username on Instagram is ozegran and here is my Instagram link:


The streams will be live and will be recorded. Most streamers upload their recordings to YouTube so you will be able to go check out the video again and again until you are happy that you have successfully learned that technique. I do not upload my Ustream recordings to YouTube so I will upload a new video on that particular technique to YouTube. There will be a list of recordings (Ustream and YouTube) available here on my blog to make it easier for you to access. Please give me time to get this organised too LOL.

Now to the fun part! Anyone can join in on the fun, trying the techniques we provide but you don't have to upload photos of your work, heck you don't even have to try the techniques if you don't want to. This is all about learning techniques to apply to your art journalling and having FUN!

So let's start playing :)