Thursday, May 26, 2011

Art Journal - Page 20 (rapture)

This page was created during a recent ustream with suggestions by everyone so it's not just my page lol.

We used acrylic paints in shades of brown, blue, black and gold
We also used the newspaper designer paper by Stampin' Up!
The barbed wire mask by Tim Holtz was used (black paint masked)
A crown mask by Tattered Angels
Some old decoupage paper I had (years old) with US money.
Also used some Bronze glimmer mist.
And what journal page would be complete without some gesso and some gel medium LOL!
A clock and some gears stamps - Sense of Time by Stampin' Up!
The RAPTURE title was used with some clear alpha stamps (sorry, don't know who makes them)
It's loosely based on the RAPTURE prediction.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Art Journal - Page 19

This page was inspired by my new colour laser printer I received today. Yay!!!

Bit different colours to what I'm used to LOL.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

USTREAM Vintage Mini Album - Progress

Well, USTREAM has been fairly kind to me the last couple of days, so I think I'll continue to stream unscheduled for a while longer until I get some more feedback as to the days and times you all would like me to set up a regular stream.
So, for now whenever I craft, I will more than likely stream it. I'm still working on the vintage mini album although I think I'm halfway done now. Woohoo! On the downhill run!
The following are the last few pages I've completed, along with a couple of photo mats.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Introduction to USTREAM

Well, my introduction to streaming on USTREAM has come with mixed emotions.

Firstly, I must give a HUGE thank you to all you wonderful crafters out there who stayed with me during the last couple of days of streaming. I really don't know what happened - USTREAM kept cutting in and out and I eventually stopped the recording to see if that would help but it decided to keep switching the recordings back on so I ended up with pages and pages of recorded streams. Most of which were shorter than the advertisements that appeared before the videos LOL.
The first day went well - recorded fine - didn't have many viewers. The second and third days were disastrous - had 9 and 15 viewers on these days and USTREAM played up big time. But the crafters who joined me were awesome and persisted along with me, so a BIG thank you girls :)

I have decided to keep struggling through and trying to work it out though, as I've been having so much fun with everyone joining me. We've learned a lot from each other, tried and tested a few different techniques and had a blast!!!

But I decided to finish one of the pages off-camera and uploaded it to YouTube tonight so if you were one of those wonderful participants in today's stream who would like to check out the completed page, click here.

Now off to watch some YouTube and USTREAM videos and nod off in the land of zzzzzzzzzzzz.