Wednesday, May 4, 2011

USTREAM Vintage Mini Album - Progress

Well, USTREAM has been fairly kind to me the last couple of days, so I think I'll continue to stream unscheduled for a while longer until I get some more feedback as to the days and times you all would like me to set up a regular stream.
So, for now whenever I craft, I will more than likely stream it. I'm still working on the vintage mini album although I think I'm halfway done now. Woohoo! On the downhill run!
The following are the last few pages I've completed, along with a couple of photo mats.


  1. Wonderful artwork! I always love handcrafted albums that come with photo mats . They are always unique, personalized and super fun to work with!

  2. @Sarah
    Thanks Sarah :)
    Photo mats are a good addition if the recipient is not a scrapbooker. They at least know that the photo goes there and they don't have to do anything else :)