Saturday, February 8, 2014

Project Life Storage Unit for Mandy

Well I thought I was done and dusted with making PL storage units, that is until Mandy asked if I would make her one that would fit into her 23"x8" space on her desk :-0!

Well it was a brain strain, that's for sure! We worked it out so that we had 7 even partitions on the front for the 3x4's and 5 (almost even) partitions on the back for the 4x6's. I had no chipboard 23" long so I decided to make it one section at a time, each time adding it to the next, until it was all put together.

Once it was all put together I decided I should check and see if it would fit in the space it would live. So I went over to Mandy's and, holding my breath, voila! Perfect fit!

Then came time to cover it - what to do!!! I decided to gesso all edges, nooks and crannies. Then to cover it with the paper Mandy wanted. I think it was KaiserCraft "Vintage Rose" paper that was chosen, so I went to work cutting and pasting a million pieces onto it (exaggeration I know LOL).

I ended up using over a roll of 1/4" Scor-tape, a quarter roll of 1/8" Scor-tape, 2/3 bottle of Helmar's 450 clear glue, I think I used 5 pieces of A3 medium weight chipboard and about 12 sheets of patterned paper to cover it. Man hours, I can't remember, but it came together in 2 days!!! I think I was just focused on getting it made and out of my craft room LOL.

This unit will hold the following:
  • 4 core kits
  • 3 mini kits
  • 4 co-ordinating 6x4 cardstock
  • 1 pack 6x4 grid
  • 2 packs 3x4 co-ordinating cardstock
  • Has enough room for 5 more packs of 3x4 grid/colour/blank cards
I'm happy with how it turned out and Mandy is now very happy with her organised desk area and can work away happily on her Project Life albums :)

Filled with goodness!


Empty - waiting to be sent to new home
In new home!


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    1. Hi Jennifer
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