Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cutting Guide for Ink Pad & Reinker Storage Unit

Hi everyone!

I have finally been able to grab some time to type up the cutting guide for the Ink Pad & Reinker Storage Unit (IPRISU) and you can click HERE to view it and download it. It is in a pdf format and there is only ONE graphic in the document LOL.

When I finish editing the videos of Justin's Spinning Desk Organiser I will get to editing the IPRISU videos.

So, an update on the progress of the video of my creating Justin's Spinning Desk Organiser - it's still in the early stages, sorry. I had so many "measurement errors" - yes ME the measuring queen, that it is taking longer than it should - and the fact that I have to sort through what is RIGHT and what is WRONG in order to get it together. There are many many hours involved in putting this one together

Don't forget the S T I C K L E S Spinner Storage Unit Cutting Guide - click here!

OK, now to await the decision on the 30 finalists for the Graphic 45 Design Team Audition.


  1. Thanks for this Jen. Will download the pdf's in the hope that one day I'll get my butt in gear to have a go at it.
    Beryl xx

    1. LOL Beryl, make sure you let me see it once you've DONE it :) The worst part is the cutting out of all those "ledges" aaarrggghhh! Once you start putting it together it comes together fairly quickly :)