Sunday, March 23, 2014

Card Inspired by Jess

Hi everyone!

I can't believe how productive I've been lately! Making lots of cards, thanks for the inspiration Jess, and making storage units, updating my blog, organising my YouTube videos into playlists, and not to mention the endless editing process of my storage unit videos, which I hope to upload soon, along with cutting guides!

Anyway, this card I made yesterday was so fun to make! It was inspired by Jess (Paperstudio13) who makes awesome cards! I had recently made a "dots" stencil from acetate and the 3 "boing boing" eyelet setters and a half inch circle punch. I used this on the background of this card and I just LOVE the effect!

I also made some "half-backed pearls" using my glue gun and some Pan Pastels as I didn't have the colours I wanted for this card.

The card is plain and simplistic, and not really at all my "style" but I am loving it!

You can watch the process here on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to craft :)


  1. Great card Jen. Love those splats.
    Beryl xx

    1. Thanks Beryl, I really like the simplicity of it, no paper!!! LOL