Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So many creative enablers!

Hi again everyone :)

OMG! There just never seems to be enough time to craft!! With soooooo many artists out there providing us with soooooo many different ideas and projects!

I've just found Kathy from Paper Phenomenon and OMG how good is she!!! Thank you Michelle (BohemianGypsy99 on YouTube) for telling me about Kathy. I've been so busy creating that I've done nothing else lately LOL. You guys should go check her out - her YouTube name is kathyorta.

You might also know, if you subscribe (and watch) my YouTube videos, that I'm into art journalling now - yes! Although, thanks to Paper Phenomenon, Following the Paper Trail (Laura Denison), and many others, I'm still scrappin'! I saw a video by Paula Phillips (JournalArtista) with her Art from the Couch series, and I became addicted! Paula began streaming her art through USTREAM and this resulted in the start of my first art journal. So thank you, Paula :)

Paula also introduced me to a few other artists to which I subscribe on USTREAM and learn so much. These people are Dede (Inkwell), Ky (Scrapacat) and Kerri (ikerrilove). These are the ladies I get so much of my inspiration from. So a BIG THANK YOU to all you ladies for being enablers :)

So if you're looking for something other than watching hauls and watching videos of "completed projects" pleeeeeeeaaaaaase check out the ladies I mentioned here. There's nothing more disappointing than watching a video of a completed project rather than watching the process. That's why I show the videos of the process, rather than the completed project. I know there are many artists out there who don't like looking at the process videos, but there are others who appreciate the process - it's how I learned the little that I know.

Okay, it's now time to go do some crafting :)


  1. Thank you so much for doing your videos the way you do...I pop a bowl of popcorn and hook the laptop to the big creen tv and I watch your 'process' videos for hours!! My husband knows when you post a new video as I come rushing out of my craft room, laptop in tow!!! PLEASE keep posting...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching you create!!!

  2. LOL Wynn - You just put a huge smile on my face when I read your comment. Thank you so very much :) ... and yes, you really need a large bag of popcorn to sit through my mini series LOL.
    Thanks so much again for commenting :)
    Take care