Sunday, February 20, 2011

I got a Cricut! I got a Cricut!!!

Hi everyone
I'm sooo excited! My hubby bought me a Cricut!!! Well, I bought it but he gave me the funds to do it LOL. I was a bit confused as to which one I should purchase but I surfed a bit to see where I should buy from and which design.
I eventually decided on the Cricket Create because it's the same size as the Cricut original (and portable) but with the functionality of the Cricut Expression. It cuts from 1/4" to 11 1/2" using a 6x12 piece of designer paper or cardstock, it has an 8 directional blade, portrait mode, fit-to-page mode, auto fill to mass produce cuts, centre point & flip funciton! All this and it's PORTABLE! Love, love, love it!
Did I mention that it's a limited edition BLACK Cricut?
It came with the Don Juan cartridge, and I also bought the Toy Story cartridge, along with the Printing Press cartridge.
The cartridges are VERY EXPENSIVE here in Australia - from $90 per cartridge. I'd just received an email from Custom Crops saying they were having a Cricut Sale so I surfed on over and saw a lot of the cartridges were priced around the $25! So, yes - I bought about ten of them LOL.
I've already used it to cut out the numbers for the advent calendar.
So here it is people!


  1. you will love it Jen. As you know I got the expression but I did have the Create prior to that and gave it to Courtney. I will give you an EBay seller in the US that you can get cheap cartridges from if you want it. I have purchased heaps from them. If you get a Gypsy you will never look back trust me. I got mine for Christmas and it has made using the Cricut absolutely fantastic!!!!!! I just love it and the things you can do with the Gypsy. . .man!!
    Have fun my friend.

  2. Congrats!!! You do beautiful work without it I can just imagine the beautiful work with it. Cant wait to see your creations
    shar (shanjamorjor)

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhh wow!!!! you luck one!!!! a dream!!!