Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Advent Calendar - In Progress

Hi! I've taken a break from the kathyorta paper bag mini album (waiting on the binding before I embellish the album) and so I thought I'd get a head start on Christmas 2011 LOL.
So, once again, I'm following Kathy's USTREAM video - this time on her Advent Calendar project. It's a great project to make and give to the grandkids for their Christmas countdown. I'll have to make two of them so I thought I'd start now and maybe finish both before December 2011!
I've made all the boxes, adhered all the boxes together, added the centre image, added ribbon, lace & beads on the sides & edges, and covered & attached the backboard.
All that's left to do is embellish the centrepiece and add the numbers. Then attach a hanger.

OK, I'm sooooo excited! I've just ordered a new scrapping item which will help me finish this project - I'll leave you hanging until I receive it on Saturday :)

Click here to check out the USTREAM video.

Without ribbon and bead edging

Close-up of the gold lace over green satin ribbon around edges

I used a green ribbon to cover the sides, then added a gold lacy larger
ribbon over the top of the green ribbon

This is the project as it stands (without inside embelolishments
and numbers on each of the boxes


  1. wow that looks very similar to the kaiser craft box you could buy at Christmas but you made it all yourself it looks really lovely, anything Christmas gets me in for sure

  2. Hi Deni
    They are so easy to make too! And you can dress it up just how you want it. Having said that, I'm procrastinating with the embellishing of them at the moment - I know what I want to do but I haven't got the right products and materials to do it just yet. Oh well, there's still time to get them done before 1 December LOL