Ustream Friends Schedule

Below is the link to our group's Ustream schedule.

I created this from the schedule Kerri put up on her blog and the Coffee & Art in the Morning flicker sites. Mainly because I was getting so confused as to what time it was where, and when all the streams were, given that the majority of the streams were in the US.

So I've saved it as an Excel spreadsheet with links in both 2003 & 2007 versions of Excel.

If you have any problems with the spreadsheet (some features may not work in the 2003 version) just email me.

Ustream Schedule (pdf format)
Ustream Schedule - 2007 (Excel format)
Ustream Schedule - 2003 (Excel format)
Timezones (pdf format - what time is it elsewhere in the world)

Any issues with these links and the content within the pages please contact me via email, thanks.


  1. thanks for sending me the link tonight from Jess class!

  2. Thanks for this, it is a great help for a fellow Aussie. xox