Projects, Prizes and some lighthearted fun from the 2012 New Years Eve Streamathon

Sheri (pinkj) also made the pocket planner. I just love this! All the planners are soooo very different! It's amazing how one tutorial can result in so many different styles, but that's what art is all about! Your style! Great job on this one Sheri - awesome!

Planner - front

Planner - back
Planner - side

Miracle Tape Backing - yup, she used all this LOL

Carol (CarolBinOK) made a pocket planner during the streamathon - love love love this cover!!!

Pocket Planner

Jean (MusicScrp) started making this Desk Calendar on her stream and finished it today. This is an amazing Desk Calendar and there is a printable calendar linked on Jean's blog if you'd like to print them out and watch Jean's stream and start making one! Love it Jean! The calendar stands 7 3/8" tall, 4 1/2" wide and 2 5/8" deep.

Front view of Desk Calendar

Side view of Desk Calendar

Diane (ThehappyDiane) put in an awesome effort making 4 projects from the Streamathon. The first is a pocket page (taken from Bren47's stream), the second photo there are 2 pocket planners from my stream and an embellished plastic box from Darcie & Johnna's stream (DarcieGlam & ScrappyCamperSisters). Awesome Diane!!

Pocket Page

2 Pocket Planners & the start of an embellished plastic box

Cindy (cindywolf2) completed the pocket planner and has done an awesome job!

Pocket Planner - front cover

Pocket Planner - pages

Susan (loveribbons) created a pocket planner - love this cover!!!

Front cover of pocket planner

Inside pages of pocket planner

Mel (Godsgirl4you) worked on this frame while enjoying the streams

Old Frame "tags" Twine

Paula (JournalArtista) started this journal page during her stream. Love the colours!

Journal Page

 Jean was having a bit of fun and "ScreenPrinting" during someone's stream - wonder who that someone is?

Even the queen made an appearance on our Streamathon!

Queen - Gangnam Style

These photos are from Julia (StrayDreams). Julia was very sick during the Streamathon but soldiered on and did an amazing job! I really love love love the ATC's!!! Great stuff Julia!

Prize pack Julia put together for her winners during the streamathon
Awesome ATC's Julia made during her stream

These 3 photos are of the mini I made to give away as a prize during the streamathon

Prize - Mini (front)

Prize - Mini (inside)

Prize - Mini (back)

This one's from Myrta - she made 3 of my pocket planners. Go Myrta!

3 Pocket Planners

These are photos of the pocket pouches and owl gift from Robin (canadianrobin and northernrobin)

Pocket Pouch 1
Pocket Pouch 2

Pocket Pouch 3
Owl Gift


  1. Such a good time!!! Great teachings and projects by all! I am guessing the "mystery" streamer in the screen shots just might be a noodle =0)

  2. Every one did a great job,,,you guys were fab on short notice so i cant wait 4 next year with a year to plan,,lol

  3. It was a fabulous day. I only missed part of end of one stream and beginning of another as we had made plans to go out to dinner with friends. I was rushing us through dinner so I could get home. I did catch on the parts by watching the recordings. Thanks ladies it was great day.

  4. Hey Cindy!
    It was a great day and I saw your planner all finished on FB. Hope you don't mind me adding it here.