Sunday, April 1, 2018

Art Journal Page 198

Helloooooooooo everyone!

It's been way too long since I posted anything here, and you will see why when you read on!

It's been 3 months since I've been able to play in my art journal! Heck, to even craft anything at all!

So I was soooo super excited that my daughter, Mandy offered her craft room to me while they were at work and school.

As I mentioned in my previous video we have bought a house and are renovating it. We wanted to pave the entertaining area out the back and put a new patio roof over it, then the rain started and my craft room and my husband's workshop started leaking :( so a new roof had to go over his workshop too!

It was a mad scramble to stop the leaks until the roofs were installed. We are still waiting. Although all the roofing materials have arrived and we're just waiting for the installers. Hubs' workshop roof is also being replaced. Hubs also had to fix the drainage issues out the back which has taken a lot of time - digging and digging and digging, installing ag lines and pipes and pits, you name it!

Why am I telling you all this you ask? Well, the shower then started leaking into my craft room so it had to be put on hold until we fixed that issue. It seems that anything and everything that can go wrong IS going wrong and it's delaying my craft room build. I cannot understand my need to be able to paint and play. It's been a huge frustration and emotionally draining few months and I'm still not in my craft room ;(

So when my daughter suggested I use her craft room I jumped at the chance and was sooooooooo scared that I wouldn't be able to paint, just staring down at that blank white page. Then I noticed Mandy's note to me sitting on the desk. 'Have fun :)' it read.

Then I just decided I had to use that note on the page, so just slapped some paint down and went from there. It's not a masterpiece but this page has a massive place in my heart and will always be special to me.

You can watch the full process video on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Products used:

Liquitex Professional Gesso
Liquitex Basics 'bright aqua green' acrylic paint
Pebeo 'iridescent green yellow' acrylic paint
Sullivans 'fluoro orange' acrylic paint
'Reason Season Lifetime' script background stamp by Kaszazz
Ranger 'jet black' archival ink
Tim Holtz 'postale' tissue wrap
Liquitex Professional Matte Medium
Liquitex Professional 'vivid lime green' acrylic ink
Liquitex Professional 'quinacridone magenta' acrylic ink
Liquitex Professional 'iridescent bright gold' acrylic ink
Bubble wrap
Global Colours 'white' acrylic impasto
Reeves 'mars black' acrylic paint
Hero Arts 'sketch circle' stamp
Black POSCA paint pen

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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