Sunday, September 1, 2013

Project Life Storage Unit

Well, who knew about Project Life? Not me, that's for sure! That is until my daughter, Mandy showed me her recent purchases - all those core kits! Apparently this Project Life thing has been around for years and years! Where have I been? Well, probably slogging away building my boxes and storage units LOL. And now - well, here's another one LOL.

Mandy wanted to buy something that would hold her cards and we were out "shopping" when Mandy picked up something that she thought would do the job of holding her cards. Wait for it - yep, I opened my big mouth and said "I can make you one!"
So I did!
Here's the first one I made.

Then I thought "maybe others would like something like this to store their Project Life cards". So I decided to stream making another one - a matched set for Mandy - lucky gal! LOL

I wrote a tutorial on how I built the unit but it was lacking photos. So yep, I went and made another one. This time, instead of painting the edges, nooks and crannies, I inked them and grunged it up!

I took plenty of photos and jotted down the instructions as I went along. The final tutorial is here on my blog under the "Handy Hints" column up the top. I have put a price on the tutorial as I've had so many requests for a tutorial, and I've spent hours and hours typing it up and trying to ensure there are no mistakes, so I hope you understand the cost, albeit only $AU5. I have added drawers and two side units to the PLSU and have written instructions for both. If you buy the Project Life Storage Unit you get the drawers and side units instructions free!

You are more than welcome to go ahead and make one yourself by watching my Ustream recording on making the second unit here, although the measurements have been refined with the final unit. I've also uploaded a time-lapse video onto YouTube making this grunge unit and you can watch it here, the drawers here, and the side units here -

Next project - Stay tuned!


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