Friday, August 23, 2013

Michael's Paper Bag WITHOUT die or punch!

Hey there everyone! Been a while - oopsie!

Recently I saw a post on FaceBook which gave a link to a YouTuber, BochTV, who created a paper bag exactly like the Michael's brand. What was so mind boggling was that this lady didn't even use a scoreboard!!! Imagine!!!

Anyway, I thought hmmmmm, you know me and measurements, so I dismantled a Michael's paper bag, worked out the measurements and score lines and voila! I actually made one EXACTLY the same!!!!

I was so excited that I posted pics to my FaceBook and Twitter accounts and well, was so excited that when Sandy Jones (yes, the naughty Sandy) asked me to stream it, I did! Click HERE for the Ustream recording.

I then decided to put it out there on YouTube (click HERE) to share with everyone, particularly our Aussie and European crafters who do not have access to a Michael's store.

Instructions are here on my blog under my Handy Links section or you can click HERE for the pdf instructions file. It opens automatically and you can either print it or save it to your computer.