Tuesday, September 24, 2013

4x4 Gift Card Box WITHOUT the WRMK Envelope Punch Board

Hi everyone!
For all those wanting to make the 4x4 gift card box but do NOT have the WRMK Envelope Punch Board - it IS possible to make it without one, along with other projects the WRMK Envelope Punch Board is being made famous for. Just a little tweaking is all that is needed.

I do have the WRMK Envelope Punch Board, and I made the gift card box using it but I found that it's not rocket science what they have done - just great marketing I guess. The Martha Stewart Scoreboard can make these and any other box you want to make - paper bags, envelopes (real A2 sized envelopes at that) and much more!

Anyway, I decided to make a gift card box using my Martha Stewart Scoreboard, and may I say, it was just as easy. I uploaded a video on YouTube (watch it here) on how I made the gift card box plus the dimensions and how-to on making the envelopes for 4x4 cards. I have also uploaded written instructions and you can find them to the right of this post under the Handy Hints section or just click here for the instructions.

Until next time - happy scrappin'!


  1. Thanks instructions were very easy to follow and turned out perfect.