Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clover Flower Frill

Here's another fabric flower that I'm loving at the moment. I recently bought a couple of Clover flower templates and tried one of them out tonight (the easier of the two) and these are the results. I'm thinking the yellow flower (I know, it looks like a peach colour, but trust me - it's yellow) looks like a carnation!

I've uploaded a couple of videos showing how I make these flowers, together with a tutorial on how to resize the flowers by making a new template from the Mothers Day Bouquet Cricut cartridge.

Click here to check out the first of two videos - sorry, just couldn't fit it all into one video LOL.


  1. WOW these are really Neat!!!!

  2. @Deni
    Thanks Deni - they are really perfect for inside mini albums and all sorts of projects - customised flowers - just love it!!!

  3. Stunning flowers! Love the assortment!

  4. @Terry
    Thanks Terry :) - I'm lovin' them :)

  5. Just love yr flowers will watch the video next. On my blog you commented on "SHE". When I was a kid I read "She" but it was about a man and his war that journey to a lost kingdom in Africa.Where they meet a tribe ruled by a queen, who reigns as the all-powerful "She", or "She-who-must-be-obeyed". LOL. Doubt it was the same book!take care,gerri

  6. @Gerri Herbst
    Thanks Geri :)
    She.... is written by Kobi Yamada, published in 2004, and is a book describing the wonderful women in our life. It's a testimony to the strength, beauty, wisdom and tenderness of the female spirit. Inspirational quotes for all women. I just love it!