Friday, October 27, 2017

Blind 3 Colour Art Journal Page Challenge on Ustream Today

Hi everyone!

It's Friday again! And today I streamed via Ustream and chatted with some art friends while I painted a page in my old repurposed journal book.

Today was all about the blind 3 challenge. The blind 3 challenge means that you close your eyes and grab out 3 tubes of paint and only use those colours, black and white are okay to use as these are not technically colours.

So what 3 colours did I grab? alizarin crimson hue, brilliant purple and bronze!

Not my favourite colours LOL but it worked out ok in the end with the help of my FIBs (friends in the box).

We even had some 'special' guests on today's stream. Mike Wheeler (co-founder of Toonworld), who is also my daughter Shasz's partner. Mike actually showed how he teaches kids to draw.

We also had my hubby, Squizz, come in and actually do some drippage on the page LOL.

Today was all about having fun, and that's exactly what we did! If you ever see yourself with a bit of time on your hands on Fridays at 11am (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time) or 8pm Thursdays (USA Eastern time) you should come on over and join us. Click HERE for the link to my Ustream channel.

If you would like to check out the Ustream recording for today's page I have uploaded it to my Jenny Potter YouTube channel and you can CLICK HERE to watch the recording.

Products used:

Liquitex Professional gesso
Liquitex Basics 'alizarin crimson hue' acrylic paint
Liquitex Basics 'brilliant purple' acrylic paint
Liquitex Basics 'bronze' acrylic paint
Global Colours 'white' acrylic impasto
Creative PL 'mars black' acrylic paint
Atelier Traditional Moulding Paste
The Crafters Workshop 'mini sheet music' stencil
Scraps of paper
Chromacryl gel medium
White extra fine Sharpie paint pen
Textured paint roller
Stickers for title from Sticker Nation 2 book

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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