Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Notebook Journal Cover

Hi everyone!

Something different today!

I have been watching my friend Janet's Ustream recordings on how she creates her notebook journals, in particular I have fallen in love with how Janet embellishes/covers them! I will add Janet's YouTube and Ustream links below for you to check her out, she is awesome!

Anyway, I decided to go ahead and try my hand at what Janet did to her journal covers. So I got out my Tim Holtz Distress Oxide inks and Lindy's Stamp Gang Flat Magical powders and created a background on some watercolour paper. It looks so yummy!

Then I went ahead and just randomly cut rectangles in various sizes (no real measurements) and started adhering them Tetris-style! Leaving a small gap between each piece. It just looks so effective! I couldn't stop!

Then I came across another awesome technique where this lady (Abby) fused a napkin to plastic wrap! Ingenious! Abby does mention that she didn't come up with this technique but does mention the artist she saw do this technique and I will add the links to all below.

I couldn't find my travel iron (I use this for craft) so I brought out my mini iron and tried to fuse the napkin to the plastic with it, but I don't think there was enough heat so I went to my laundry cupboard and grabbed my good iron (shock horror!). Anyway, it had the heat needed to fuse the napkin and plastic (dry iron only, no steam) and it turned out amazing! Imagine the possibilities now!

I then decided that not everyone has access to a lot of the products I used so I decided to also show how easy it is and how effective it looks to add just plain old scrapbook paper to the covers!

This is my first 'voice over' YouTube video (that I can recall) so please check it out and let me know how I can improve on it. You can watch the full process video on YouTube by clicking HERE.

I have a pdf document with the measurements and products/supplies used on google docs and you can open it by clicking HERE.  Please note that I give an incorrect measurement on the video for the black cardstock mats, the correct sizes are in this document.

Janet's Ustream Channel - click HERE
Janet's YouTube Channel - click HERE
Janet's Magical Paper Journal Cover Assembly YouTube Video - click HERE

Abby's YouTube Channel - click HERE
Abby's Paper Napkin Transfer Tutorial YouTube Video - click HERE
Alison Russell's Paper Napkins Transfer STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL - click HERE

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