Monday, May 19, 2014

Ink Tower for Kathy Orta (Paper Phenomenon)

Hi everyone!

I'm so happy I have finally finished Kathy's ink tower and posted it to her already! Kathy should receive it this coming week some time!!!

So, how did this all come about? Well I made myself an ink pad and reinker storage unit for my Ranger Archival, Memento, VersaFine, StazOn and ColorBox ink pads as well as storage for my reinkers. Kathy saw what I had made and said that she needed one for her ink pads and reinkers.

So....after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, finding out from Kathy what colours she wanted, how many ink pads, were they distress ink pads or larger ink pads, how many of each, blah blah blah, I came to the realisation that Kathy needed storage for both distress inks AND larger ink pads. So off to the drawing room I went!

Kathy had the ENTIRE set of distress inks and also had other larger ink pads. I didn't have a design for BOTH - so yes, I had to CUSTOM BUILD one for Kathy lol.

It was easy enough as I had written instructions for both the distress ink storage unit AND the ink pad & reinker storage unit, I just had to combine the two.

Given that there are 48 distress ink pads I had to make it to fit all 48, plus add another section for the larger pads, then there was the top section to hold 50 reinkers! So this wasn't going to be a small project! It ended up being almost 2 feet tall with the spinner attached and the handle on the top section!

I used KaiserCraft "Precious Moments" paper as it had the white, greens and pinks that Kathy loves, I sprayed the raw chipboard (almost 20 sheets of 12x12) with a white primer, then sprayed it with various shades of pink Glimmer Mists.

The tower was made in three separate levels - the first level holds 12 large ink pads, the second level holds 48 distress ink pads, and the top layer holds 50 reinkers (only 25 distress reinkers and room for 25 other reinkers).

The handle was made from Kraft-Tex, sprayed with white primer and then various shades of pink Glimmer Mists. I used a buckle from Tim Holtz Ideology and the spinner was bought from Scrapadabadoo.

Once it was all complete I had to find a box big enough for it to ship it to Kathy - what a mission that was! In the end I used the box that I had been spraying my pieces into, cut the middle section out, used the top and the bottom, joined them together with almost 2 rolls of packing tape, covered it with brown paper and shipped it off!

Now to wait for the moment she receives it!!!

I did put a note in a card to Kathy asking her to NOT look at it too closely LOL. The stress of making something like this for someone who does it for a living - aaaaarrrrggghhh!

For the original distress ink storage unit measurements click here
For the original distress ink storage labels click here
For the inkpad & reinker storage unit cutting guide click here
For the Ustream recording of the original distress ink storage unit click here

So here are some pics of the project!




  1. That was a big job, but it looks good, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. She will love it. I truly believe she will be increadably thankful. I know I would be. I made the towers for the distress inkers and put them together side by side using score tape. I have four towers of 12 each. I Love it, my pads are now out in the open, in order, and handy to use. Thanks for the great instruction on not just this project but on all of the projects that you do.

  3. Wow Jen, this is amazing!!! What a big job, but oh so worth it. I'm sure Kathy adores it as you always do such a fabulous job with your projects. You always amaze me!! Hugs, Brenda