Monday, May 26, 2014

Find some manners people!

Sorry everyone, please humour me here, I need to vent!

We have an awesome online crafting community with a multitude of awesome talented crafters who share their ideas, projects, tutorials and products. There are so many who provide us with thousands of hours of streams, videos, blog posts, etc. that we can CHOOSE to watch or choose NOT to watch, participate or NOT participate, buy tutorials or NOT buy the tutorials, the choice is OURS, and OURS alone. That's right - we have a choice!

When I like a project for which someone is teaching a class - free or paid, or someone records a start-to-finish on YouTube, or from a blog post, I always try to mention that person from whom I saw the project first. I have bought kits and tutorials from many crafters, some of which I have thought were a little underdone, a lot of bang for your buck, etc. but I choose to learn from this and I choose whether or not I buy more from that person. I do NOT go complaining about it to everyone who will listen. If I have a problem with a tutorial or project I go directly to the owner, I do NOT use any social media platform to air my grievances, nor should I! That, to me, is rude and unnecessary! We are supposed to be grown adults here, this is NOT a playground for complaining or for bullies to thrive!

So to those that are whining, bitching and basically being very open and rude about it, remember that YOU have a choice! Exercise your right to choose what you watch, what you buy, who you befriend, and stop bringing everyone down with your nasty comments and innuendos! Sorry, but it's just been so rife lately that I just had to say something before I exploded! By the way, to those that choose to ignore a hello from someone - you are also being RUDE! Please think about your actions, they do hurt people, particularly those that are feeling vulnerable at the time.

To those that totally ignore me, or anyone, I ask that if you have a problem with someone that you go to that person and talk about it - you really do NOT know all the circumstances behind someone's actions, you do NOT know what that person is going through, you do NOT know how your lack of consideration and thought will affect that person. So please do NOT believe the things one person says without going directly to the source first! We all have bad days, we all have good days, some of us are going through stuff about which you have no idea! Please do not treat anyone less than the respect we all deserve!

Having said all that, the number of good, generous, thoughtful and caring people here in our online crafting community far outweigh the negative people, and for that I am truly grateful! There is enough room for us all to enjoy this awesome paper crafting community!

Thanks for listening and please stay positive!



  1. Those who choose to critisize others publicly are only unhappy with themselves and lash out at others to make themselves feel better! Crafting is about feeling good and spreading that feeling with others! Jen you are an inspiration in crafting and we appreciate all that you do! Love to watch your videos!

  2. Thank you for voicing the thoughts that many of us have. The internet can be a cold and horrible place and I think people sometimes need to remember that they're talking to other people, not a machine.

  3. Bravo Jenny!! I go to the internet (scrapbooking specifically) for warm, caring and clever people. And I agree completely with your letter! Love your videos and your projects.


  4. Thank you so much for speaking for me. I couldn't agree with you more. I know that there are a lot of people who feel the same way. We have to ignore the haters from now on. Maybe we should call them out. Again THANK YOU JEN!

  5. I don't know the situation, doesn't matter but I think most of the caring crafters are positive toward other. Negative people are unhappy people and want others to be unhappy also. Don't look for me to join that stupid negativity. Thanks Jen for your craft and hopefully this will get to that negative person or persons.

  6. Amen Jen totally agree with you.

  7. WOW!! I've been out of the loop and sooo sorry to hear that grown adults behave so poorly....I would like to say welcome to the Scrapadapadoo's bunch!!! I always say unhappy people are jealous people......

  8. {{{Big Hugs}}} to you Jen. Thank you for all you do to make this papercrafting world a great place to are just too sweet for words!