Friday, November 11, 2011

Xmas Lolly/Candy Wreath

Traditionally, I make a lolly wreath each Christmas, however I've been slack the last few years LOL. But I decided to go ahead and make one this year and this is the result!

Materials Used:
1 x wire coathanger shaped into a circle with hook
Green, Red, Silver & Gold curling ribbon
2 x large packets of wrapped toffees & eclairs
Piping for hook end
Ribbon for bow
Ribbon to wrap around top section where hook meets circle

I cut pieces of the curling ribbon into approximately 8" lengths. Then tied the curling ribbon to one end of the lolly wrapper and with the same piece of curling ribbon, tied the lolly onto the circle.

Do this for all lollies until the lollies reach about 2" from the beginning of the hook.

Wrap ribbon around where the end of the wire joins the hook to hide the uglies (optional as the lollies hide most of it anyway) and tape in place.

Take a piece of plastic tubing/piping and thread it onto the hook, covering as much of the hook base as possible.

Tie a bow using some pretty Christmas ribbon, and voila! Finished!

The beauty of this wreath is that you untie the free end of the lolly wrapper, take out the lolly, eat it and leave the wrapper still attached to the wreath!


  1. fab Jen love this idea i'm going to have to try making one of these but the candy may not make it on the wreath cos i'll eat it! LOL tfs huggs Amanda

  2. Was a super fun show Jen. I hadn't heard of this before so was great to see it made. Will add it to my "Christmas to do list". Thanks for sharing!

  3. hi, i miss your youtube videos sooooooooo much... gettin out of input.... ;-)

  4. @butterflyamanda
    LOL Amanda - I know what you mean :)
    Having said that, no-one's taken any yet hehehe

  5. @Felicia
    Oh THAT list - my "Xmas to-do" list just grows and grows and before I know it...too late LOL
    Thanks Felicia :)

  6. @sundownerin
    Oh I'm sorry about not uploading any YouTube videos lately - just no time for editing now I'm working. Will try to get one up soon.
    Thanks :)

  7. Love this idea, so original! Brilliant.