Saturday, September 3, 2016

Dylusions Journal Page #5

So....we finally have our dear friend Eileen back with us and boy did we need her back! I couldn't stream without her because she's the one and only who can really push me to my limits.
And today was no different LOL

Today I was 'told' by Eileen to close my eyes and grab three tubes of paint. Well...I 'chose' burnt umber, deep turqoise and pale powder blue (which really looked like a pale lilac). That said I could also use white and black paint.

So we got the background down ok, then I couldn't work out what to do I just covered the entire page with black paint, then wiped some off and went from there.

Eileen said it reminded her of outer space, so I googled 'alien clipart' and came up with an alien saying hi with its fingers and thought HERE'S MY TITLE! "She's back", referring to our Eileen :)

I did record the stream and here are the links to part 1 and 2:

Dylusions Journal Page #5 - Part 1

Dylusions Journal Page #5 - Part 2

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