Monday, July 18, 2016

Back to 'normal'?

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd give you all a quick update as I've not blogged for a while. I have crafted some, but not as much as I'd have liked, as real life gets in the way of our crafting sometimes, as it should be LOL.

So...I have suddenly been thrust back into parenthood with the arrival of my 17 year old grandson, Cameron, our doorstep. Rebellious teenage years - oh how I remember them like they were yesterday, went through it all myself and with my 3 daughters. But who could predict I would have to go through it all again at my age!

Anyway, he's now settled in with us, he's attending one of our local high schools but has yet to find a casual job. If I remember rightly, it helps to gain employment if you actually get out there and LOOK for it! Sometimes I just shake my head, but continue to love him for who he is.

Anyway there has been a lot more going on, family coming and going for the past 3 weeks and it will continue that way for the next month or so. We are going to visit my ailing mother-in-law soon so we will have time to visit with other family members also, this can only be one heck of an emotional time, as my mother-in-law is 93 and recently had a mild stroke. So fingers crossed she remembers us when we visit and we can spend some quality time with her. We will try to visit as many family members as we can while we are there but with only 3 days to fit it all in I think we're deluding ourselves LOL.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know that I will be trying to keep my blog updated with my crafty adventures more regularly.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


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