Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Postcard Swap - 2015 (closed)

Hello everyone!

Back in 2011 I hosted a 4x4 page swap with over 20 crafty friends from all around the world. We created a 4"x4" page for everyone in the swap, each of our own pages had to be the same that we sent to everyone in the swap - sort of like a production line. This time I am open to ideas from you all. If you don't want to make every postcard the same you are more than welcome to change them around a bit, it is totally up to you.

So I've put together some information on how it will work and you can see the pdf document by clicking HERE.

For those not wanting to click on the document, here are a few relevant details:

Create a 6”x4" sized postcard
Create from any cardstock, canvas, watercolor paper, or other lightweight surface
Can be any type of mixed media piece, card style or postcard style - whatever your style is
I would love to see some info about you on the back of the card such as, but not limited to, birthday, favourite colour(s), where you live, etc.
Info on page should reflect YOU as much as you wish to share about who you are and where you live
Also include your online info such as Twitter name, Ustream name, YouTube channel, Blog, Etsy….etc
Each page should include all the same info and be created from the same paper line, where possible – mass produce them
For example: If there are 20 in the group, make 20 of the same postcard
The page can be as dimensional or flat as you wish. Keep in mind there will be international postage for some
An invitation will be sent to you with these guidelines and Jen will track those wishing to participate so respond to her with your mailing address information. In order to keep track of all participant information please EMAIL me your details
The final list of participants will include everyone’s physical address
Each participant will mail out our pages to all other participants  as they can go as a regular letter/card and we felt this would be easiest for organisation and for mailing costs

As our online crafting group has grown exponentially since 2011 I'm thinking we might create 2 or more groups. If this is the case, After the deadline has been and gone for the first groups anyone who wants to do it again with participants from the other groups we can schedule another swap then.

So, we can start the swap now but we will have 6 months in which to post our postcards to all participants. That gives us time to get through the Christmas season. It also helps with postage - I remember most of us posted a couple a week until they were all posted. So it doesn't really take that much effort - and just think of all the art you will receive from all around the globe!!!

If you are a cardmaker, mixed media artist, art journaller, or just like to colour - please join us and share your art with us!

Please leave a comment under this post if you have any suggestions or ideas for this swap. Email me if you would like to be included in the swap. Look forward to seeing all these yummy postcards!!!

Happy Crafting!