Sunday, November 17, 2013

Announcement - 2013 New Year's Eve Worldwide Streamathon

Announcing the 2013 New Year's Eve Worldwide Streamathon!!! Yes, that's right! Our inaugural streamathon last year was a huge success so we're at it again! Hopefully we will have more streamers, more viewers, and I'm sure as much fun as last year.

This year we have created a FaceBook page to add all the information about the Streamathon so you can check at a glance what's been added, changed, etc. Click here for the 2013 New Year's Eve Worldwide Streamathon FaceBook page.

Here is a sneak peek at what I'll be making in the Oz timeslot. I will have a supply list and instructions on my blog a week prior to New Year's Eve 2013 so anyone who wants to play along and create with us can.

There will be many streamers providing free classes, showing various techniques, all having a great time bringing in each country's 2014! So why not join us!

You can email me if you are interested in streaming or participating or even want to donate prizes - yes, we will be having plenty of giveaways throughout the day/night!


  1. I had so much fun last year . Can't wait for this years thank you

  2. I am in for 7pm est ! Now just need to figure out what to do! Lol

  3. This is all new to me as i only started crafting oct of last year, i cant wait to join in, jen u r A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, by far my most favourite to watch, u seem so down to earth, i love that. Keep doing what ur doing u r great :) xxx

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  5. Hiya Jen! Sheri has Mr Bear and I for the Midnight time slot for the PST Crowd on the 'wet' coast. We will be streaming Mr Bear knitting and me gluing my left ear to my right elbow.blessings! ustream channel is 'midnight library'

  6. Hi Jen, Kudos for ubjecting yourself to this again! But it will be so much fun

  7. only just found this but looks great :) am I too late?

  8. You still have about 11 hours left to register. Go to my home page and you will see the registration link at the bottom of the first page

  9. I just want to know if all is on ustream in one place,and how do I find it or is each class separte and we have to go to their site. I know this is probably a funny question, but I don't know how to do it. Thank you for your help

    1. Hi
      We are each streaming from our own Ustream channels but you can find us all on the Video Wall ( ). Just click on the picture that shows a red LIVE and it will take you to the current streamer. Just before each streamer finishes we will post a link to the next streamer's channel.
      Hope this helps

  10. I forgot to click on the notify button for previous question.:)