Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little Miss Closet - So Far

The Little Miss Closet is a closet created by Kathy Orta (PaperPhenomenon) and I was challenged to make the closet by Eileen (BocaBabeArt). Thanks Eileen!

It was a struggle in the beginning as I wasn't quite sure how I would go with it, the tutorial was a bit of a struggle to follow sometimes but I got there in the end with the help of the video tutorials.

I was very lucky to have a couple of great online friends who gifted me the Ladies Diary packs (thanks Susan & Annette), along with the stamp set and die cuts (thanks Annette). This project screamed Ladies Diary so I couldn't wait to build the closet to get to covering it and embellishing. This paper line was made for a project like this!

I also loved the privacy screen, which sits inside one of the doors of the closet. Instead of wrapping it in black cardstock I used black chipboard so as to have less bulk - love love loved how this turned out!

So I'm not finished yet as I'm waiting on some strong magnets so the doors can stay closed against the mini album and the privacy screen. I cannot cover the album until I get the magnets, so this project will have to go on the backburner for a bit. Can't wait to finish it though. This one's going to my grand daughter, Amelia - but not for a few years as she's only 2 and too young to appreciate it yet!

So here is the link to the YouTube video showing a slideshow of the closet and mini album and privacy screen so far.

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