Sunday, August 5, 2012

4x4 Storage Box for Vicki

In March 2009 I hosted a 4x4 mini page swap. We had 20 participants and we each had to make 20 of the same 4x4 mini page. We had 3 months in which we had to make and post the pages, individually to each participant.
It wasn't until earlier this year (I think) that I made a storage unit for the pages (they wouldn't all fit into a mini album). Vicki (cajunstmpr) liked the look of my storage unit so I mentioned that if Vicki at least attempted to make the storage unit, I would make one for her.
Well, Vicki is still trying to make her storage unit, so I decided it was time I made one for her, and here it is! I did stream the making of the unit but not embellishing it. You can catch my ustream part 1 here.